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Writer. Veteran. Dad. Creighton Leadership grad student.

Finding your identity in writing can be done in these ways

Source: Freepik. Description: blonde, white woman works in front of her laptop. There are clay pots on a shelf behind her, and sun comes through the window on her left.

A major struggle for writers is how their writing can improve. We love to evoke our favorite writers. We like quoting them and striving to capture our thoughts and imaginings as they have before. It’s daunting though for a…

How parents can help their children through grief and trauma

Source: freepik. Description: a white girl with brown eyes and hair sits at her desk, looking sad.

What divorce does to a child is tear their entire world apart. Children of divorce struggle to transition from their version of normal to a wide-open plane filled with uncertainty. …

A Practical Guide to Being an Empathetic, Kind & Nurturing Parent

Source: Freepik

Recently, I posted about the death of expectations, as it concerns parenting. I discussed how when my daughter was born, my wife and I had diverse expectations, but my daughter managed to dash even my more modest ones. My…

An Air Force Veteran’s Perspective on Military Life and Culture

Source: CMSAF_official @ Instagram: Description: Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass smiles and holds a shaka hand gesture, while several airmen smile behind her in the passenger compartment of an Air Force aircraft.

Recently, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) JoAnne Bass posted a selfie on her official Instagram account. The picture displayed her plus several other airmen aboard an aircraft. Chief Bass held a “shaka” sign and smiled alongside her…

Source(s): Multiple. Artist creation. Description: a worried man frets as a caduceus and the US Air Force emblem hang above him, symbolizing divided needs between duty (military) and health (caduceus).

The US Military Health System Falls Short in Treating Its Members

Many years ago, I was an E-5 in the Air Force (or Staff Sergeant) and I found myself in charge of about 40 people, give or take. My squadron had over 200 people in it, and we were a…

Dads Can Feel Valued by Doing Their Jobs for Goodness’ Sake

Source: rawpixel. Description: a Black couple shares laundry folding duties upon their bed.

I’m going to do something that doesn’t happen often in parenting articles: I’m going to cut the dads some slack. I’m talking about the ones who participate in or validate the work that gets done around them constantly. The…

Life Aboard a US Air Force Reconnaissance Aircraft — A Veteran’s Perspective

Source: the writer (edited photo). Description: a United States Air Force aircraft is seen from below, as it soars across the sky.

Earlier this September, I discussed different points of my experiences as an Afghanistan War veteran. You can find my ruminations about the war’s conclusion, or an analysis about veterans and grief. …

A Parent Struggles to Teach Their Child About Family Schisms

Source: Univ. of Cambridge. Description: a black and white photo. A woman is in focus in the foreground, and her hair is in a bun while she is wearing a sweater. Her hand is on her chin. She stares away and looks somber and sad.

“Why don’t you talk to your mom and dad?”

That question haunts me. My daughter has asked me this several times and I’ve struggled to answer it on every occasion.

“We just don’t get along.” …

Whether on the Road or at Home, These Items Will Make Traveling Easier

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Credit: Wikipedia. Description: a red 2021 Toyota RAV-4 SUV is parked curbside in a city setting.

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” — Old Man to Link

We parents take a lot of trips and most of them are for…

New Parents Often Experience a Disheartening Death of Expectations

Source: Ambiente Bio. Description: a worried young mother holds her sleeping infant.

My wife was the ideal pregnant mother-to-be — if you take your cues from parenting blogs. She prepared for birth as though we were going to live atop Mt. Denali for a year. My wife insisted on cloth diapers. She joined…

Jack Rainier Pryor

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